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Developed by photographers for photographers, ShootQ is your virtual studio manager, assisting you from the moment a prospective client contacts you until the final product is delivered. It keeps your job leads and workflow organized, and always reminds you what needs to be done next. Plus, with ShootQ, you’ll spend less time doing paperwork and more time being creative!

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Book & Sign Online


Create Templates & Questionnaires


Automate & Eliminate Tasks


Control Your Settings


Get Paid Faster


Manage & Track Contacts


Present Yourself Professionally


Organize Clients & Vendors

Setup Assistance

Get Personal 1-on-1 Sessions


Drill Down to Essentials


Create Custom Campaigns

Appointment Scheduling

Make Calendaring Efficient


Save time and boost sales by providing sales leads with an easy, online booking service customized with your branding. ShootQ simplifies booking by managing the details for you and allowing your clients to easily review and sign contracts online.
Communicating with your clients and collecting information is easy with ShootQ. You can customize email templates and questionnaires to help them give you all the information you need at their convenience. No more countless hours on the phone or computer!
ShootQ’s innovative task manager provides a cross-sectional view of what’s happening and what’s next. You can build custom and reusable workflows to seamlessly complete tasks, such as planning and post-production, automatically send emails and questionnaires, and guide your shoots from beginning to end.
ShootQ is all about you and your business. You can customize the look and feel of your quotes, contracts, emails and more with your logo and personal touch. Your ShootQ service is virtually invisible to your clients and prospects, which ensures that you and your unique brand are always front-and-center.
ShootQ gives you the power to invoice the way you want to, with elegantly formatted invoices. You can spread payments across multiple invoices, configure taxes and shipping, and accept payments online by connecting your supported merchant account to ShootQ.
Managing leads can be daunting, leaving even the most experienced photographers feeling a bit overwhelmed. ShootQ helps make sense of it all and enables you to rank, filter and search to pinpoint your strongest sales leads.
ShootQ allows you to share pricing with potential clients instantly and beautifully. Send clients a link to access your pricing, or embed it on your existing website or blog. Then your clients can browse your products and services to create or select their perfect packages.
Keeping track of your clients, past and present, is a breeze with ShootQ. You can keep track of the correspondence you’ve sent them, review their previous bookings and order history, see important dates and milestones, and more all in one place.
 Setup Assistance
New to ShootQ and not sure where to start? No problem, help is never far away with ShootQ. Schedule a complimentary one-on-one Studio Consultation with one of our ShootQ experts, and we’ll help you get up and running quickly and easily.
ShootQ helps you manage your data, so you can ensure your business runs smoothly. Analyze your bookings, referrals, sales and more with helpful graphs and insightful statistics. ShootQ’s powerful business reports will keep you confident and in control of your business!
ShootQ makes it easy to market your business. You can keep track of clients and leads, setup automated emails, keep track of special dates and more – all in one place!
 Appointment Scheduling
Never miss another deadline! Browse tasks within a specific date range to see what’s due next. Organize and filter, using categories to delegate work efficiently.


Pricing and Plans

ShootQ offers three monthly pricing plans to meet every studio’s needs.

Want to try before you buy? Click here to start a 1-month free trial of ShootQ!

Our Story

Developed by Photographers, for Photographers

Our valued members are our number-one priority. Once you become a ShootQ member, it is our mission to help you run your business as smoothly as possible, so you can spend more time being creative and less time doing paperwork. Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model allows you to get work done whether you are in the office or on the go.

Although ShootQ was developed by photographers, for photographers, many of our members have found it useful in other types of service-oriented businesses, including event planners, videographers and DJs, among others. ShootQ allows you to easily keep track of tasks, schedule appointments, book and sign contracts online, communicate with clients and prospects, manage your leads and more.

Commitment to Top-Notch Client Service

A relationship with ShootQ goes well beyond client and vendor. We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service, offering the only live phone support in the industry as well as email support, complimentary 1:1 setup assistance, Accredited Consulting Experts (ACEs), and multiple online and self-service training options to suit your needs and preferences.

Live Phone Support

Our dedicated customer service team is here five days a week, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. But they aren’t your average call center reps; they are ShootQ experts, and many are photographers just like you. They understand the ins and outs of the photography industry and can help you maximize ShootQ’s capabilities, which means you can run your business more efficiently.

1:1 Setup Assistance

In addition to our free one-month trial, we also offer complimentary 1:1 setup assistance, where we walk you through the process, so you aren’t left to figure it out for yourself. This way, you can get up and running faster, and start taking advantage of all the benefits ShootQ offers you and your business. And if you are just too busy, you can hire one of our Accredited Consulting Experts (ACEs) to do it for you.

Multiple Training Options

ShootQ offers a variety of training materials to suit your preferences and business needs. In addition to live phone support and 1:1 setup assistance, your ShootQ membership includes training webinars, online video training, a comprehensive knowledgebase and a community forum with the biggest network of photographers, who happily share their expertise, advice and best practices.


  • testimonial-thumb

    Competitor solutions didn’t have everything I needed. ShootQ had everything I was looking for and the price was good—I didn’t need to look any further. It has definitely saved me a lot of headaches over the years, so the investment was worth it. You will see the benefits over time for sure.

  • testimonial-thumb

    Mike Larson

    We’ve gotten hundreds of leads in the last two years, and there would have been no way to track them without ShootQ! Thanks for helping us grow our business!

  • testimonial-thumb

    Sara France

    ShootQ was so far ahead of any other solution out there. Having our workflows setup to automate things was a huge piece for us. Now we automate as much as possible – invoices, emails, lead generation, etc. – I didn’t want to do that work and needed to focus on growing my business. It’s much more efficient and takes less time. I don’t know how anyone has a studio without this program.

  • testimonial-thumb

    Megan Resch

    ShootQ has completely turned my business downside up! Instead of a desk with a thousand sticky notes I have this ‘lil program keeping everything organized. I love it! One of my favorite features is the contact history – being able to store all conversations & emails in one place is so awesome. Never again will I have to scramble to figure out what conversation was with what bride and about what. ShootQ has been the best investment thus far for my business (outside the camera equipment of course!). Instead of 4 or 5 systems I was using to stay organized, I now have one that does it all: package info, past conversations, invoices, notes, vendor info… it’s as if I have an assistant! What will I do while ShootQ is working for me? Am I supposed to say going to Disneyland?! But, seriously, with this program I can worry less about my business & enjoy a glass of wine after a good hike or an extra trip to the dog park with my pups.

  • testimonial-thumb

    Scott and Adina Hayne

    Instead of hiring an office manager we got ShootQ. We are new to the photography business and had booked thirty-five weddings after being in business for less than a year. We had to find a solution to manage our office. ShootQ, we love you. At least once a week we say to each other, “What would we do without ShootQ?” Your customer service is second to none.

  • testimonial-thumb

    Anne Almasy

    ShootQ is so fully featured and geared toward my business, it made the most sense for me. I’m a very happy user!

  • testimonial-thumb

    Molly Marie

    I can’t imagine my business without ShootQ. I don’t know what I would do!

  • testimonial-thumb

    Misty Miotto

    We want to focus on art, and ShootQ definitely lets you do that.

  • testimonial-thumb

    Don Bryant Thompson

    ShootQ completely changed the way I run my business. The tools are fantastic! They got me organized.

  • testimonial-thumb

    ShootQ is like a person’s job. I don’t need a studio manager anymore. It saves quite a bit in the long run.

  • testimonial-thumb

    Carla Ten Eyck

    I didn’t consider anything else. There is really no comparison to ShootQ.

  • testimonial-thumb

    Jeremy Chou

    ShootQ has been great for my studio because I am not bogged down in front of my computer all day taking care of administrative tasks. It allows me to focus on growing my business for the future.

Case Studies

ShootQ Made the Most Sense for Anne Almasy

Results: Faster booking process, better contact management and more streamlined business operations. ShootQ is so fully featured and geared toward my business, it made the most sense for me. I’m a very happy user!

When Anne Almasy first learned about ShootQ, she had a small business and didn’t think she could budget for a software solution. “Looking back, I do wish I had bought in to ShootQ at that point,” she said. ShootQ also makes the contract process much more seamless. Preparing and sending a contract only takes a few minutes, and clients can sign them online.


ShootQ was the Only Choice for Leeann Marie

Results: Smooth operations, tons of saved time and no hassles or headaches. Competitor solutions didn’t have everything I needed. ShootQ had everything I was looking for and the price was good—I didn’t need to look any further.

When Leeann Marie started her photography business, The Leeann Marie Collective, she knew making an investment upfront was imperative. For her, that meant setting up ShootQ before she had any clients. “Getting setup was pretty intuitive,” she recalls. “Plus, ShootQ provides support and setup help for people who haven’t used it yet. When I booked my first wedding, I was able to hit the ground running.”


Workflows Made ShootQ the #1 Choice for Sara France

Results: Customized workflows, automated processes and improved collaboration. It felt really good to get stuff worked out, because I was not doing a good job before; I was winging it and had to figure it out. The amount of time saved in the first month has made up for the time it took to setup – I’ve gained five years of efficiency with ShootQ.

In order to focus on growing your business, it’s important to have a solid management solution in place. Before implementing ShootQ, Sara France was using a “crazy, ridiculous” spreadsheet to track her things to do, and the order in which to do them. “It was insane to manage,” she said. Enter ShootQ, and it was a whole new world.


How ShootQ Helped Molly Marie Grow Her Business

Results: Automated communications, marketing to all leads and growing business much faster. I like that no matter what type of work or photography you do, ShootQ is really useful and has every feature imaginable. I really love it!

Boudoir and women’s portrait photographer Molly Marie has been using ShootQ since she launched her professional photography business seven years ago. “I was looking for something where I could keep track of all my clients,” she recalls. “When first starting, it is easy, but then you grow and it gets a lot harder. I am always trying to save time and stay organized, so I can grow in other areas.”


ShootQ Helped Misty Miotto Go Green & Find Work-Life Balance

Results: Little to no paper, streamlined operations and easy access to information. We can manage everything in one place with ShootQ, and we have gotten rid of a lot of paperwork, which can be overwhelming. ShootQ provides better options.

After 20 years in business, Misty Miotto and her team have an impressive number of weddings to their credit – more than 1,400 and counting. During the busy season, they often shoot six weddings a week! Given this volume, smooth operations are imperative to have any life outside of work.


Don Bryant Thompson Took Control of His Business with ShootQ

Results: Automated and streamlined processes, less work and more time to shoot. ShootQ is really so important to me. I have so much invested in it. I can sit back and take pictures while ShootQ runs my business for me.

Before Don Bryant Thompson signed up for ShootQ, he had 500 pounds worth of paper files. His processes were “archaic” and required a lot of unnecessary work. “ShootQ completely changed the way I run my business,” he said. “The tools are fantastic! They got me organized.”


Holli B Stays Organized, Collaborates and Manages Her Busy Studio with ShootQ

Results: Streamlined business processes and ability to support more growth. Looking back, l really can’t believe we used to do it the old-fashioned way. I shoot weddings full time and have three associate photographers who do the same. It wouldn’t be doable without ShootQ.

Holli B started using ShootQ more than five years ago. Previously, she used old-fashioned paper files and checklists to manage her business, but she couldn’t access information and task lists from outside her studio. “I had to physically be in the studio to see where clients stood in process,” Holli recalls.


ShootQ “Just Made Sense” for Carla Ten Eyck’s Business

Results: Better organization, smooth collaboration and more time to shoot. If anything should happen to my studio, everything is backed up online and accessible via ShootQ. It gives me one less thing to worry about.

A ShootQ user for more than five years, Carla recalls, “It was the only thing at the time. There was so much talk about how to stay organized, how to run your studio, etc. My PUG (Photographer User Group) shared information about ShootQ and discussed it. It’s a very analytical group, so we went through all the pros and cons. Once one of our group members signed up, it picked up like wildfire. It just made sense.”


ShootQ Helped Jeremy Chou Follow His Dream

Results: More time to shoot, new associate photographers and a consistent experience for all customers. ShootQ has been an invaluable part of my studio from the very beginning! Between implementing ShootQ or hiring a full-time office manager, ShootQ is a much more affordable option.

Jeremy Chou started his career as an architect. He was successful and had a good job, but something was missing: creativity. Initially picking up a camera for a creative outlet outside of work, Jeremy soon booked his first wedding. Then his bookings started to pickup, and after 30 months and nearly 50 weddings, he was able to leave his old job and run his professional photography business full time.


What were you doing?

Community video sharing

What will you do while ShootQ is working for you? ShootQ frees you up to spend more time with family and friends, improve your business, give back to your community or do whatever you choose. Want to share what you are doing with the time ShootQ saves you? Shoot a brief video, upload it to YouTube and EMAIL US the link to your YouTube video. We’ll happily accept all G-rated movies!

“Teasing Fish”

Mike Larson
San Diego

“Writing Songs”

Eric Laurits
New York

“Grinding Coffee”

John Heisel
Denver, Co.

“Being a Mom”

Cameron Clark
Flagstaff, Ariz.

“Boarding a Flight”

Chris and Katie Torres

“Gettin’ Gorgeous”

Rhee Bevere
Campbell, Ca.

“Mountain Biking”

Cameron Clark
Flagstaff, Ariz.

“Getting it Done”

Mark Gardner
North East, MD


Python Developer

Job Summary

If you want a chance to put your skills to work and make a difference, this is the job for you. Profitable multi-million dollar Cloud/SaaS software company near the South Bay beach communities of Los Angeles is seeking a new Python Software Developer responsible for maintaining and enhancing the ShootQ suite of web applications. This position offers a highly competitive compensation package and quarterly profit sharing.

Company Description

Photo Holdings, Inc. is a Cloud/SaaS software company and is privately owned and operated by partners who have successfully run, and currently own, many companies, including others in the SaaS/Cloud space.
Photo Holdings, Inc. owns two Internet properties that operate under the Cloud/SaaS business model: and There is partial integration between these two properties.

We prefer candidates who are located in Atlanta, GA or Los Angeles, CA area but will consider other locations for the right candidate.

Job Description:

  • Candidate will be responsible for the maintenance of and continuous improvement of the ShootQ suite of applications.
  • Candidate should be comfortable in an environment that thrives on agile development and frequent software releases.
  • Photo Holdings, Inc. has big plans for the future, and the right candidate will play a big role in providing the next-gen infrastructure going forward. Photo Holdings, Inc. is a profitable on-going concern. Employee bonuses are issued quarterly based on company and individual performance.

Mandatory Skills:

  • Revision control system (svn, git, etc)
  • Team player, Fast learner and Good communication skills
  • Python
  • Python MVC framework
  • Python ORM (such as SQLAlchemy)
  • Experience with creating and expanding upon RESTful web-services
  • Linux command line proficiency
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript, including AJAX and REST
  • Open source familiarity
  • OOP
  • Some SQL

Technologies Used:

  • Python web frameworks (TurboGears, Pecan)
  • Python ORM(s) (SQLAlchemy, Elixir)
  • Javascript (jquery, Sencha EXT, AngularJS)
  • NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis)
  • Asynchronous Task Processing (RabbitMQ, celery)
  • Linux (redhat)
  • git, JIRA

How to Apply:

Please send your resume to to with the subject heading “Python developer”.

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